Clinics and Services

Young People

Young people are welcome to request an appointment with a nurse or doctor to discuss any health related matters. Young people’s health records are kept confidential in the same way as adults.

Phlebotomy Clinic

After discussion with the nursing staff and our patient participation group (PPG) we have changed the way the sit and wait blood clinic is run.

We will only take bloods that have been requested by the surgery or by the hospital. If requested by the hospital, they must provide the relevant blood form. If the form is given to the patient, the form is to be brought to the surgery on the day of the blood test.

Please note, we do not offer a private blood service.

Fasting Blood Tests


Patients who require a fasting blood test or a blood test as they are undergoing chemotherapy will need to request an appointment.

Blood Clinic


At this time, for our blood clinic, please request an appointment.

INR Blood Clinic

13:00-13:30 (Tuesday and Thursday only)

For our INR blood clinic, please request an appointment.

Minor Surgery

Arrangements for minor surgery will only be made following a consultation with a doctor.

Contraceptive Services

All of the partners will offer contraception advice to patients. Our practice nurses are available to discuss contraception and HRT matters that might be causing concern. Patients should request an appointment with a practice nurse to have pill checks unless specifically directed otherwise by the doctor.

If you have been advised by the surgery to do so, please complete a Contraceptive Pill Review.

  • Dr Mahatme is qualified to fit IUD’s (coils).
  • Dr Amies and Dr Kumar are qualified to fit the contraceptive implant.

Asthma Clinic

We have an asthma nurse within the practice, Senior Sister Jenny Crowley-Jennings. Senior Sister Jenny Crowley-Jennings will monitor the treatment of your asthma and offer advice when needed. Please do not hesitate to see her if your asthma is causing concern.

Appointments are available throughout the week. If you are asthmatic, please ensure you request an appointment with Senior Sister Jenny Crowley-Jennings for a new patient check, soon after registering with us.

If you have been advised by the surgery to do so, please complete an Asthma Review.

Heart Problems or COPD

Patients are welcome to request an appointment with our specialist nurse, Nurse Sue Revell, who is able to advise and monitor your condition. We currently use a locum COPD nurse called Nurse Claire Parsons.

Diabetes Clinic

Our diabetes qualified practice nurses, Senior Sister Jenny Crowley-Jennings, is happy to see diabetic patients to offer advice and monitor treatment. If you are newly registered and are already diabetic, please request an appointment to see one of them soon after registering. Sometimes if you also have a cardiac illness, you will be seen in a joint cardiac and diabetes clinic.

Cervical Smears

For a cervical smear, please request an appointment with a specialist nurse.

Medical Examinations (eg. HGV Medicals)

Please complete our Medical Reports Request form. This is non-NHS work and is chargeable.

Holiday Vaccinations

The surgery offers only a basic service and if you are travelling to remote parts you may prefer to book with a travel clinic such as Masta. You must however make arrangements for yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis or TB vaccination at a specialist travel clinic as they are not available from our surgery. In general, the NHS does not cover vaccinations for travel and there may be a charge for your injections.

Please complete a Travel Risk Assessment form in plenty of time before you are due to leave, at least six weeks before you travel. Our nurses will give a course of injections.

For more information and advice about travel vaccinations, please visit our Travel Room.

Additional Clinics

  • Rheumatology
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles